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Gabaldón wrote more than 200 papers published in national and international medical journals.

Gabaldón was active as an expert of the World Health Organization (WHO) for malaria control in countries from 5 continents.

Individual number of the Academy of Physical, Mathematical and Natural Sciences, having been 1st vice-president (1997-2001), and president (2001-2003). Dunstervillorum I: A new Dryadella from Venezuelan Guayana. Later traveling in 1935 to the United States as a fellow of the Rockefeller Foundation to obtain a doctorate from Johns Hopkins University in hygiene sciences with speciality in protozoology.

In his honor was designated a Hall of the Faculty of Sciences of the Central University of Venezuela. Back in Venezuela he was appointed to head the newly created Special Directorate of Malariology within the Ministry of Health and Welfare, a position he held until 1950.

In the summer of 1896 he decided to go on an ornithological exploration to Venezuela following the advice of Wirt Robinson, who had visited Margarita Island the year before, and from his mentor Frank M. After a long stay in Sucre and Monagas, he became fascinated with the country and its birds. In 1850 he became professor of anatomy at the School of Medicine of the College of Cumana.

He returned to the United States with a small collection of specimens that he brought to Chapman at the American Museum of Natural History. By 1853, he was convinced that malaria and yellow fever were spread by mosquitos.

Pehr Löfling (Tolvfors Bruk, Gävle, Sweden, 31 January 1729 – San Antonio del Caroni (Guayana, Venezuela), 22 February 1756). He obtained a Bachelor of Science in plant science at University of California, Davis (UC Davis) in 1992.

Swedish botanist who studied at the University of Uppsala where he attended courses taught by Carl Linnaeus. PE Berry et al., Ed., Flora of Venezuelan Guayana Vol. He completed his Ph D in ecology and plant pathology in 1997 at UC Davis studying the effect of cover crop decomposition on soil nutrient cycling and soil microbiology.

It is a mandatory study resource on tropical birds for experts who wish to know more about this area. He is famous for being the first to describe in Venezuela the Necator americanus, parasite that caused hookworm, between 19.

Currently the Phelps Collection has a heritage of 80,000 birds in feathers, a thousand preserved in alcohol and 1,500 skeletons. Phelps Jr., became one of his foremost collaborators in all matters concerning ornithology. Born under the name of Pablo Mandazen Soto, Hermano Ginés arrived in Caracas in 1939, when Venezuela awoke from the lethargy of the long gomecista dictatorship. As a researcher, in 1902 Rangel was appointed first director of the laboratory of histology and bacteriology of Vargas Hospital.

There he began one of many successful business ventures by selling coffee and founded Radio Caracas Radio. His reports were assessed by an official commission, which discarded his mosquito theory. Venezuelan scientist and researcher, who devoted himself to tropical diseases.

In 1938 he founded the Phelps Collection considered the largest ornithological collection in Latin America and the largest private collection in the world. He is considered the father of parasitology and bioanalysis in Venezuela.

Part of the editors at Lankesteriana and the Botanical Institute of Venezuela. Between 19 President Rómulo Betancourt appointed him Minister of Health and Welfare and Gabaldón.

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