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These projects highlight the dry stone wall building craft as well as the wealth of material riches that there is to choose from.

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Who is sharon stone dating

What is meant by this is the base preparation for the wall and what is behind it.

It is imperative that a sound sub-base be installed.

From the rolling countryside of Ireland to the mountains of Kentucky, the craft of building dry stacked stone walls has a rich history.

Hand crafted stone walls dating back hundreds or even thousands of years can be found around the world.

With walls that have very closed joints (typically Lannon stone walls) it is imperative that you not only backfill with clean stone in the Northern climates but it is also recommended to use drainage tile.

With the freeze/thaw aspects of this climate, moisture can get behind the walls.

They are usually mortar-less, built of local stone, and reflect each area’s vernacular architecture and cultural heritage. Some hold back significant amounts of earth, allowing railroads, highways, and buildings to be constructed.

Others form the foundations for bridges or provide protective armoring for shorelines.

Keep in mind these are gravity retaining walls; they rely on the weight of the material to ensure they do not overturn.

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