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There's also the matter of what appears to be a quid-pro-quo between Thorpe and Channel Ten, the Australian TV network where he revealed he was gay Sunday.

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Rumors had been swirling around Thorpe since he took the swimming world by storm and it was clear they weren't invented out of nothing.

His actions in Long Beach gave me a glimpse into why he might be uncomfortable in the spotlight, as if we all could look inside and see his secret, one he was to hold for another 10 years.

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Brent asked Klim if he could get a shot of he and Thorpe, and while Thorpe looked visibly agitated, Klim quickly said, "no worries, mate." We ran the shot on Outsports the next day: I had observed all this over the two days we were there and that's when I "knew" Thorpe was gay.

I could not prove it in a court of law, but I knew in the way we gays often know about certain people.

Thorpe won five Olympic gold medals and was the best swimmer in the world for a time, yet he contemplated suicide and found release in a bottle.

"It's something I was doing privately," he said of his drinking.

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