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Memorandum To: Market Participants From: NZX Client and Data Services Date: 20 October 2017 Subject: Credit Agricole S. (“CAS”) Perpetual deeply subordinated notes - Redemption Message: Further to the announcement released by Credit Agricole S. The final quotation date for CASHA will be Tuesday, 19 December 2017, prior to CAS delisting from the NZDX board. NZX Regulation (“NZXR”) advises that, CAS will exercise its right to fully redeem their perpetual deeply subordinated notes (“CASHA”).

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Over by the Via station, Corey Mills said he received a phone call and headed to the scene.

He was given a description of the victim that confirmed his worst fears.

Some cars were separated from the rest of the train at the Perth Street crossing, which was blocked.

Officers sectioned off the scene right beneath the overpass with police tape and a tarp covered the victim's body directly below the east side of the overpass.

Although police had yet to identify the victim or reveal much about the circumstances of his death last night, Mills said the victim was his brother, Kirk Mills.

"He's been talking all day about killing himself.

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Via Rail passenger service was still working on the other tracks shortly after the incident.

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