What to do when dating two guys life after dating a psychopath

Thinking about whether there are blocks and barriers (see above) is one way. That might involve thinking about how you view this situation as you feeling torn between two men. A further approach is to consider what an ideal relationship might be like for you. Or anxious that this is something you’ll never have - or don’t deserve?

Could it be more realistic to see it as two relationships that haven’t developed but you feel unable to let go of. You could do this by reading the following books: You can also find examples of how you’d like your relationships to be in stories, films, or perhaps you could make a collection of images (clipped from magazines, newspapers etc) that represent what you’d really like from a relationship. If you feel you could do with some additional support, confidence or assertiveness courses could benefit you (your library or adult education centre will have details).

Would it be wise for me to date two people at once? This question comes frequently, both in a church setting like yours, as well as in the context of online dating sites.

As nice as it is to have two men interested in you (especially as opposed to men), it quickly becomes complicated and is often marked by guilt and anxiety.

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I have fun with both of them, and they both show signs of being a godly husband.

Nothing has happened between me and him, mainly because he has a girlfriend. I don't know what to do, should I just forget the both of them? The second man is in a relationship, and you’ve known the first for a long while but neither of you have been able to take things further. Why do you think it might be you (or they) haven’t moved things any further in the time you’ve known each other?

I am sick of being torn between these two, is it time I move on, and how do I do this? Can you list for yourself what it is about both of these men you find attractive? You may want to write down how you feel about them and relationships generally in a diary or letters to yourself.

If so, do you have any thoughts on why this might be and how you could address it?

Creating a relationship that suits you You asked about moving on.

I have seen him after, but I have not gotten the chance to speak to him about it, as we are always interrupted.

The next guy is a lot older than me and I have known him a year and a half.

If you focus on yourself you may find you forget about these two men.

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