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You must connect before sending or receiving audio-video streams in the session (or before interacting with the session in any way).

The method if the client fails to connect to the Open Tok session.

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However, in a production application, your server-side code must create a unique session ID for each pair of clients.

In other applications, you may want to connect many clients in one Open Tok session (for instance, a meeting room) and connect others in another session (another meeting room).

Token -- The client also needs a token, which grants them access to the session.

Each client is issued a unique token when they connect to the session.

The Open Tok Media Router provides other advanced features (see The Open Tok Media Router and media modes).

If your application does not require the features provided by the Open Tok Media Router, you can set the media mode to relayed.Rounds Video Chat and Calling for i OS and Android updated on Tuesday with a new co-browsing feature that enables friends to conduct live video conversations and securely browse the web together.A partnership with has integrated the Dutch start-up's co-browser technology into Rounds' i OS and Android apps, enabling the synchronisation of touchscreen activity between two mobile users.: This demo application assumes that only two clients -- the local Web client and another client -- will connect in the same Open Tok session.For test purposes, you can reuse the same session ID each time two clients connect.Since the user publishes an audio-video stream to the session, the token generated must include the publish role (the default).

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