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We talked to 11 men about what makes a woman “wife material.” This is what they had to tell us."It just boils down to love and attraction.

I don't mean any kind of romantic ideal, but like, proper love, where you love them so much that even when you're mid-argument and super angry you still make sure they take an umbrella to work because it might rain.

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This is a medical emergency, and if treatment is delayed mortality can be greater than 50%.

While victims of heat exhaustion sweat profusely, people suffering from heat stroke stop sweating and have dry skin.

It appears she has some fresh bruises around her eye and on her arms. Relationship Abuse Scenario A friend pushes and then slaps his girlfriend at a party.

Other people see it and are upset but don’t do anything.

What makes a woman a wife isn’t about being docile, submissive, and letting the man run the show.

Thanks to the Women’s Movement, there is an equality that makes both men want to find their partner and not their, well, maid.

The ideal woman will have an understanding of my strengths and weaknesses and exploit them not to injure me, but to make me better.

She would also have an insatiable intellectual curiosity and big boobs.

Heat cramps describe involuntary spasm of the large muscles of the body, while heat exhaustion has more systemic complaints such as the signs and symptoms listed above. Heat stroke is a life-threatening situation where the body's cooling system fails.

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