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In general, it’ll be a sign of some sort of emotional conflict, which can then be addressed in a positive, constructive way.

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And if you can’t do anything about it, there’s no point in worrying!

” Do the voices sound like they are coming from inside your head or through your ears?

It’s also widely recognized as part of different spiritual and cultural experiences.

Do you feel like other voice hearers understand you better?

And when they do discuss me, it’s more likely to be compliments or positive encouragement.

Or sometimes they’ll discuss something I’m worried about and debate possible solutions.They can appreciate what it’s like more precisely, but I’m fortunate enough to have met some really empathic, imaginative non-voice hearers who really want to understand too.In this respect, I think there’s actually more continuity between voices and everyday psychological experience then a lot of people realize.For example, everyone knows what it’s like to have intrusive thoughts.And most of us recognize the sense of having more than one part of ourselves: a part that’s very critical, a part that wants to please everyone, a part that’s preoccupied with negative events, a part that is playful and irresponsible and gets us into trouble, and so on.Below, all the questions you’d want to ask Longden.

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