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Then I'd picture my next boyfriend doing the same for me.

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Associates didn't make commission, but I would make a game out of it because big sales meant Starbucks gift cards from my manager." Brooke: "Horny teenage boys loved to come in and bother us -- they'd pose for photos groping the half-naked plastic mannequins and try to steal their wings.

One time, a 14-year-old boy who could barely see over the cash wrap informed me he wanted to buy lingerie for his 'future wife' because I looked just like her.

It includes constantly switching things up between barre classes, leg day, core, arm day, and a sprinkling of rest days—because that’s crucial to a fitness routine, too.

Did you know that Hosk is a retired professional basketball player from Sweden?

Not only do they train, but they train like seasoned athletes. Check out the Metashred Extreme workout from Jasmine Tookes is the picture of athleticism.

If you don’t believe us, just check out her week in workouts.

But the clients who treated me with respect -- that's who I would scour the stock room for in search of that lime-green demi bra in a 34C.

If you're rude, I'll tell you everything we have is already out so I don't have to walk back there in heels." Brooke: "We weren’t allowed to gift wrap at the register -- it holds up the lines -- but if a client was chatty with me, sometimes I'd do it anyway.

I remember one mom was shopping for Pink sweats to surprise her daughter because she had just gotten into college -- coincidentally, the school I went to. Connect with us and keep our jobs interesting -- putting sensors on bras all day gets mind-numbing!

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