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Part of the reason I need to give it more time is that after a week, it still hasn't fully learned any of the faces it's seen after being set up in our office. The Lighthouse team told me the process takes a week or two depending on how many times it sees your face.

The app makes it pretty easy to tag faces to help it learn who's who.

and other top competitors let you see inside your home remotely and send you the occasional alert, Lighthouse hopes to understand your home in a way that no other smart device has done so far.

Like other smart home cameras, Lighthouse connects to Wi-Fi, lets you check on your home remotely from an app and sends you alerts based on faces it recognizes.

The cam itself is an expensive $300, plus you need to pay a $10 monthly fee to take advantage of most of its smarts.

Lots of other smart home cams only cost $200, including the Nest Cam. Because of the lofty price, this capable cam from a Silicon Valley startup of the same name has a lot to prove to be worth the upgrade. The $300 price converts to roughly £215 and AU$380. After testing Lighthouse for about a week, I'm fairly convinced it's taken a small step forward at the very least, but I'm not yet sure that it's taken the giant leap I was hoping for.

The process is similar to the Netatmo Welcome The Lighthouse cam is also easily defeated by backlight.

The instructions warn you about this, but you definitely don't want your camera facing a large window.

Ask if "someone came by to walk the dog when I wasn't home," and if someone did, Lighthouse will show you that clip.

You can also set up Lighthouse to send a phone notification for specific scenarios.

When I first set up the cam, I had it facing our glass office door which has long glass windows leading up to it.

Even though I closed the blinds, the backlight caused Lighthouse to miss faces and people regularly.

On top of all of that, the startup behind the cam built an Alexa-style voice assistant specifically for the Lighthouse app to call up recorded footage.

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