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In this case, we will assume that the application is CPU-bound, and therefore that scaling the number and/or speed of CPUs will improve performance.The following Java pseudo-code demonstrates a simple HTTP server which retrieves data from an in-memory cache: , we can establish a CPU Pass Mark for the test system.If your application produces many small requests to the database, consider scaling out the database servers; if the queries are CPU-intensive on the database, consider scaling up the database.

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Exchange Server 2003 uses approximately 10 percent fewer disk resources than Exchange 2000 Server for the same user profile.

If you upgrade and select a new server, include this adjustment in your estimate.

Choose a server that has typical user mailboxes for your measurements, or do not include the unused mailboxes in your calculation.

Be aware that different days of the week have slightly different usage loads.

Intel Xeon 3.00GHz) to be able to support around 61 requests per second.

However, if we change the application profile to have different performance characteristics (e.g.

To decide how to scale, we need a benchmark for HTTP server performance.

Perhaps the simplest HTTP server (apart from special cases such as Squid) will take a request for one of a set of static images cached in memory, and serve back that image.

When you calculate megacycles/mailbox and IOPS/mailbox, use the current number of mailboxes on that server.

For detailed steps about how to calculate megacycles per mailbox, see How to Calculate Megacycles per Mailbox.

I/O or database bound), a different scaling metric would need to be applied.

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