Adult random sex chat app android - Validating textbox javascript

If you have no ability to test or verify that the data stored by the other application is validated, then remember your application must validate the output of the message.

The attack is crafted by a series of url parameters that are sent via a url.

The malicious user then sends his/her malicious url with the url parameters to unknowing users.

The stored method actually not only has the problem of incorrect checking for input validation, but also for output validation.

Even if data has been sanitized upon input, it should also be checked for in the output process.

This is typically sent by email, instant messages, blogs or forums, or any other possible methods.

You think that the unknowing user would not click on some link that looked like it does something bad.

A Stored Cross Site Scripting vulnerability occurs when the malicious user can store some attack which will be called at a later time upon some other unknowing user.

The attack is actually stored in some method to be later executed.

A malicious hacker would be much more devious to this type of security vulnerability.

There are many, many different methods to test for XSS vulnerabilities. If the output is correctly encoded, then instead of executed the tags, they would be html encoded and not cause the vulnerability Contact us for additional consulting services in product testing and/or training.

Cross Site Scripting vulnerabilities are sometimes referred to XSS or CSS vulnerabilities. CSS typically refers to the Cascading Style Sheet commonly used in website design.

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