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Aside from sounding a little too much like tech-enabled prostitution, what if my Miss Travel bachelor is not who he says he is?One of the key issues that Miss Travel will have to combat is that its concept is based on a highly disparate power dynamic.If a woman is seeking a ‘sugar daddy’ (which has its own set of connotations) in her own city, she has a support network and options. If I was uncomfortable at any point, would I be able to go home early?

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“I love to travel, but a lot of people around the world don’t have the opportunity to do so,” he responded.

“The app really does help to bridge economic lines and really give people the chance to travel to places they’ve never been.” …if you’re hot.

Miss Travel initially launched as a dating site two and a half years ago, the first in the “travel dating space,” according to founder Brandon Wade, the relationship guru behind sugar daddy search sites Seeking and Whats Your

“Most dating websites have been focused on people dating locally, but one of the things we noticed, especially catering to the successful and wealthy category, is that people are willing to fly and travel to meet each other,” says Wade.

Ever wanted to travel to an exotic island for a week but didn’t have the cash?

Well, thanks to Miss Travel, that’s not a problem anymore — if, and it’s a big if, you’re a young, attractive woman who’s willing to swipe right on a lonely, wealthy travel companion.

So essentially, the app doesn’t assume any responsibility for the outcome of users’ travel dates.

“You should practice caution when you date online,” he says.

“It’s a whole lot easier for people to fall in love or be romantic on a trip, usually in an exotic place.” Travel dating isn’t an entirely novel concept in the tech world.

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