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In this blog post series I'm working my way through the process of deploying and running an ASP.

NET Core application on Microsoft's hosted Kubernetes environment.

The high-level procedure is as follows: In order to avoid exposing secrets via Git Hub the credentials to access the database are stored in a file called which I've not committed to the repo.

With the build working it's now time to create the release pipeline, starting with an environment I call DAT which is where automated acceptance testing might take place.

At this point there is a style choice to be made for creating Kubernetes Secrets and Config Maps.

This will change over time though, and I will cover this when I think there is more to tell.

I'll be creating a release pipeline consisting of DAT and PRD environments.

They can be configured from files or from literal values.

I've gone down the literal values route since the files route needs to specify the namespace and this would require either a separate file for each namespace creating a DRY problem or editing the config files as part of the release pipeline. Either way, as far as I can tell there is no way to update a Secret or Config Map via a VSTS Deploy to Kubernetes task as it's a two step process and the task can't handle this.

With docker-compose set as the startup project and Docker for Windows running set to Linux containers you should now be able to run the application.

If everything is working you should be able to see sales being created in the database.

A handler monitors the queue and pulls new messages for saving to an Azure SQL Database.

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