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Here is he first part of our guide that covers geometry optimization techniques in 3ds Max.

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1.6.2 - Multi Res Modifier The Multi Res Modifier reduces the memory overhead needed to render models by decreasing the number of vertices and polygons.

Multi Res offers several advantages over the Optimize modifier including faster operation and the ability to specify the level of reduction as an exact percentage or vertex count.

Its options let you maintain material, mapping, and vertex color information in the optimized model.

1.7 Use pre-rendered planes with textures instead of models shaders Sometimes you need to create an environment for your scene outside of your camera view but affecting your scene by appearing in reflections, casting shadows or illuminating it with indirect lighting (GI).

In order to reduce the scenes size and its resource usage, you will need to collapse the model with the optimizing modifier applied before the rendering, especially when you are going to render it via a network.

Always remember to save a copy of the scene before making changes to be able to revert to older settings in case something goes wrong.

The optimization methods listed below will be especially useful to animators as even a slight increase in render time is multiplied by the number of frames in your animation.

The aim of this guide is simple - reduce the render time and RAM usage - and gain more time for the creative side of the project, save time and money and have more satisfied clients. Geometry The more geometry (polycount) in your scene, the bigger the scene file, the more RAM it needs in order to be rendered, and the longer the rendering takes.

NET I decided to create a series of tutorials about rendering optimization in the most popular 3D applications and render engines.

I've used my own experience and knowledge derived from being a freelancer as well as a render wrangler on a render farm.

This guide is for every 3D artist who have had an unpleasant experience with too high resource usage when rendering a project locally or on a network.

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