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Even though this is obviously not The Right Way(TM) to package software, it has the advantage of allowing to quickly package, test and use new releases with very few headaches.

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the installer should install the latest Java JDK 9 on your Ubuntu machines.

When you run the commands above you’ll be prompted to access the license terms of the software… Set Oracle JDK8 as default, to do that, install the oracle-java8-set-default package. Now that Java JDK 8 is installed, got and download Eclipse Oxygen IDE package for your systems.. https:// Extract the downloaded package to the /opt directory using the commands below…

I don't know about you, but my development environment is too important to risk upgrading.

Always create a new Eclipse directory and new Eclipse workspaces when you want to change your development environment.

So since Eclipse juno is based on 4.2 instead of 3.7, what is the easiest way to upgrade to it, short of installing a separate copy of juno and re-installing all my existing plugins from 3.7 into it?

There doesnt seem to be a straightforward upgrade path mentioned on At this time, only Java JDK 8 is fully compatible..to install JDK, use the steps below: The easiest way to install Oracle Java JDK 8 on Ubuntu is via a third party PPA…If you discover a problem later, you can fall back to Eclipse 3.7 and your Eclipse 3.7 workspaces.When you have an Eclipse 4.2 environment that works, zip it back up and keep the zip file so you can restore your Eclipse 4.2 environment in the event your Eclipse gets corrupted. Run it (on a fresh workspace), select File - From existing Installation and point the wizard to your existing 3.7 directory. That will install the latest versions of the plugins found in your 3.7 installation into your 4.2 installation.Eclipse can barely update from 3.7.1 to 3.7.2, never mind from 3.7 to 4.2.

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