Updating data in a database requires updating the schema

if you start having multiple branches with different schema updates, then things can quickly become messy.

updating data in a database requires updating the schema-64

And it is necessary to reset the both apps' tables.

You can update the database schema, of course, but you should not need an upgrade path that requires deleting existing data.

I have heard that South is useful for this purpose. For your immediate dev needs, you can do whatever you want with the database, but at least take careful note of which schema changes you make, because we'll have to do them on the live site. I've been using south regularly in my job and it's easy to use and powerful.

Wendy, can you comment on South or any other method for schema updates? The only thing is that it's great when you DB history is linear.

Command Text, conn); // set the Continue Update On Error property so that all records are // processed regardless of exceptions da.

create parameters for delete and insert commands // create the data adapter Sql Data Adapter da = new Sql Data Adapter(select Cmd.I've used Schema update scripts for a few years now and while they work, I was planning to use EF migrations instead in the future for the following reasons: One reason I can think of that would prohibit the use of EF to migrate a production DB would be if the DB schema was only altered by the DBAs as opposed to the Developers.However, I am both DBA and Developer, so this does not matter in my case.Updates from one user should not inadvertently overwrite changes made by another user. NET uses optimistic concurrency, two users can request the same data and then subsequently update the same data. Without managing concurrency, the changes made by the first user will be overwritten by the second user's changes and, to make matters worse, no one will know that this has happened. Row Updated = new Sql Row Updated Event Handler(da_Row Updated); // set the update commands for the data adapter da. Update(ds, "Orders"); private void da_Row Updated(object sender, Sql Row Updated Event Args e) event occurs while an update is in progress and, hence, while your application has a live connection to the database.

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