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But you need to set your password and the instructions will be given in the same webpage. After the account is created, you need to return back to this link, which is the main PADOR page. On this page, under the heading, “To create/register an organization,” click on the second link, which says: “You have a personal ECAS identification (*).” It would a good idea to bookmark this page as you need to return to it again and again.Clicking on the link will lead you to the screen where you need to enter your username ( or your given email) and the password you have just set.

Therefore, whether there is a current opportunity to submit a proposal to the EC or not, all NGOs should think of getting registered at PADOR immediately.

Now, to get your NGO registered at PADOR, follow these steps: 1.

The Government’s letter sent in December lacked detail on its proposals so PSNC’s service proposals are intended to fill that gap, showing how we can offer value and cost savings for the NHS as well as meeting the Government’s professed ambitions for community pharmacy services.

The proposals have been presented to the Department of Health (DH) and the NHS but we have not received any feedback on them.

Many NGOs have written to us requesting more information about how to register at the European Commission’s (EC) PADOR system to qualify for seeking Europe Aid’s grants. Although there is a Quick Referencing Guide and an in-depth FAQ available, we are giving below step-by-step instructions that simplify the process and enable NGOs to be listed as potential applicants with the EC.

But before that we would first discuss what is PADOR and why is it important for NGOs: PADOR or egistration” is a recent applicant processing system introduced by EC through Europe Aid to understand and maintain extensive information about NGOs requesting funds from it or responding to its “calls for proposals.” Prior to the existence of this system, applicant organizations had to submit hard copies of their profile and other details everytime when they submitted proposals.

Summary: in this tutorial, we will show you how to update data in the SQLite database from a Python program using the sqlite3 module.

To update data in a table from a Python program, you follow these steps: def update_task(conn, task): """ update priority, begin_date, and end date of a task :param conn: :param task: :return: project id """ sql = ''' UPDATE tasks SET priority = ?

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PSNC has today published a set of service proposals that describe how pharmacy services could develop in the future within the context of Government drives for efficiency.

I am trying to accomplish this: Update Field1, Field2, and Field3 where the primary key (_id) is equal to 1.

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