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I think about potentially meeting someone at work but then there’s that implicit dating rule that you shouldn’t date co-workers. Can you really meet your match in a bar at happy hour? Well, I guess many are turning to online dating profiles or apps such as Bumble or Tinder.I have not created a profile on either of these apps or any others that may be out there.

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Perhaps I’m a “hopeless romantic," emphasis on the hopeless, but I miss the days where people met in a grocery store while picking out the same cereal or when people actually talked to each other at an airport or a bus stop. Meet-cutes such as these have trouble existing nowadays because of this…Our phones!

Be sure to change your password every six months or so to ensure its integrity.

Keep your password in a secured place and don’t reveal it to anyone.

I guess I don’t like the connotation that goes along with these dating apps--the expectations if you will.

Many have nicknamed these apps “the hook-up apps.” Although I do have a select few friends who have met long-term boyfriends/girlfriends through these mediums, I guess the idea simply doesn’t appeal to me.Naturally security is a significant concern to Internet users.AMBRAW Federal Credit Union is connected to the Internet in a way that keeps all the credit union’s internal systems and member information away from prying eyes.We also have a firewall protecting the credit union’s host computer.In addition to the systematic precautions that we have taken to ensure information security, your AMBRAW Federal Credit Union password ensures that you are the only authorized user with access to your account information.By the end of lunch, we reached the conclusion that romance is pretty much dead.

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