Teen dating oovoo

Users start off with a small room and an avatar, and must socialize and play games to earn points and level up.

The site has 250 million users and recently came under fire for sexually explicit chat, according to the “Telegraph” (U. Another negative is that teens have to pay real money to get virtual furniture and other goodies for their rooms.

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Alice Marwick, an assistant professor of communication and media studies at Fordham University, said that Facebook is challenging for teens because they want to share with a smaller group of friends.

“Basically it’s called contact collapse,” she said.

“This is especially difficult for teenagers, to also mix in with their day-to-day friends with parents, coaches and teachers.” Madelyn Hernandez agreed.

“I do have family that requests to be friends with me on Facebook and I don’t say yes,” she said.

No membership numbers have been released since the network opened to the public in July.

But with Gaga’s 26.8 million Twitter followers and 52.5 million Facebook friends, it’s a fair bet this site is poised to grow quickly.

In an age when many parents worry about their teens spending time on social networks, Peggy Hernandez said she trusts her 16-year-old daughter.

“When my daughter was 14, she started becoming more independent with social media,” the at-risk youth counselor from Sheridan, Colo., said.

She said she’s seen enough of her daughter’s tweets and writing to step back.

“I trust her in the sense that she’s very well-grounded,” she said.

For teens, Twitter use doubled from 8 to 16 percent from 2010 to 2011.

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