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This procrastination zapper works because you’re not thinking; you’re just acting. Even the most stubborn brain has to admit that five minutes is such a small amount of time that it won’t interfere with anything else you have to do in your life.

Your brain needn’t fear that the task will take up too much time, because it knows you’ll stop in just a couple of minutes.

Nikki Haskell has packed many lives into her 75 years.

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In the past three decades, she has been a staple at parties and benefits.

She has also remade herself as an entrepreneur in the diet and fitness industry as the creator of Star Caps diet pills, which got her in trouble with federal authorities in 2014, because its supposedly “natural” ingredients included the drug bumetanide. Haskell was fined $60,000, The Daily News reported. Haskell put the figure at $70,000.) She also sells the Star Cruncher, a piece of exercise equipment, through Groupon — “a gym in a bag,” she calls it.

My thinking when I procrastinate goes something like this: “I have so much writing to do. Since I have these emails to answer and photos to file, I’ll get them off my mind by doing them really quickly. Let’s save the deep meaning for those late-night relationship conversations. In my past episode Stop Procrastination with Action Days, we covered how you can use a friend or a group of friends to kick yourself into action.

Then my mind will be free and clear and ready to write. But what if you’re a societal outcast, living in a cabin in the woods with no telephone or Internet connection?

Trump, whom she first encountered in 1974 at Le Club, a defunct members-only nightspot on East 55th Street in Manhattan. Haskell said she had a wonderful time at the black-tie, pre-inauguration dinner held for Mr. 20, during which protesters smashed windows, set a limousine on fire and clashed with the police not far from the Mandarin Oriental.

After watching this stuff all day on many different channels, Ms. They never had these riots — every street, every city, all across the world.She dated Tony Bennett and hung out with Frankie Avalon, Fabian and George Hamilton. After divorcing him, she said, she parlayed the ,000 settlement into a small fortune on the stock market. Haskell in 1966, moved with him to 470 Park Avenue in New York and divorced him again in 1968.She got her apartment in Manhattan, took classes in investing and was hired at Burnham and Company (which would later become Drexel Burnham).You could try breaking large tasks into tiny steps. It knows there’s a huge honkin’ task there, and that tiny step might expand to eat up our whole afternoon.But if you divide time into chunks, instead of dividing your task into tiny steps, everything changes. I’ve put off writing this episode for days and days. So I kind of ignore article one even while I’m writing it, because I want to think about article two.

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