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He is also happy to let me talk his ear off for the first 30 minutes after I walk in the door as I process everything that happened in my day.

The other night, my boyfriend and I both took the Myers Briggs Personality Test to “find out more about ourselves” because we’re into that kind of thing.

I wasn’t even a little bit surprised by our results – my boyfriend was declared an extrovert, and I was declared an introvert.

But Alli isn’t just a life coach; she’s an extrovert married to an introvert! Technically, the difference between introverts and extroverts lies in where they get their energy.

Read on to discover her tips for making the most out of this type of relationship. Introverts feel more energized after spending time alone doing activities such as reading, creating, or simply spending time in their own space.

My husband and I spent a whopping whole year in marriage prep (we actually took it pretty seriously) before we tied the knot, but we are still routinely running into little glitches derived from the fact that we have two very different personalities.

Since extroverts tend to get more attention than our fellow introverts—afterall, statistically, there are more of us—here are four of my epiphanies about introverts that became game-changers for my marriage and made our home far happier.“Ask questions like ‘How can I help you feel better? ’ or ‘Will you help me understand how you are feeling? As an extremely extroverted person, I come home from work ready to talk all evening long—even when I am exhausted.Human interaction is how I unwind and recharge, so when we were married and started living together, I was to have someone always there, all the time, ready to listen. Unfortunately for me, my introverted husband unwinds and recharges with quiet time (often alone).“In fact, he cares so much that he is crafting a thoughtful response.” 3. We all know people who choose quality over quantity when it comes to their words.

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