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SCHOOL COURTYARD - DAY Michael continues the tour MICHAEL And these delusionals are the White Rastae. KAT (continuing) Frankly, I'm baffled as to why we still revere Hemingway.

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KAT This from someone whose diary is devoted to favorite grooming tips? He pulls out a small tape recorder from his black bag. He hits the "play' button and SHRIEKS OF PAIN emanate from the tape recorder.

He's wearing biker glasses instead of goggles as he tries to revive his frog.

He zooms away as Kat yanks open the door of her Dart. Walter holds up a letter to Kat WALTER What's this?

KAT Yeah, and I noticed the only part of you featured in your big Kmart spread was your elbow. JOEY (practically spitting) They're running the rest of me next month. Walter kisses Bianca back as Kat heads up the stairs KAT How touching. KAT I guess I got in Sharon looks up from her computer. WALTER Sarah Lawrence is on the other side of the country. WALTER I thought we decided you were going to school here. Kat gives Bianca an evil look then smiles sweetly at KAT Ask Bianca who drove her home SHARON Swollen...turgid. Bianca glares at Kat then turns to Walter BIANCA Now don't get upset.

Patrick, lounging in his seat in the back row, elbows a crusty-looking crony, identified by the name SCURVY, embroidered on his workshirt. Chastity opens the note and reads: INSERT - "JOEY DORSEY SAID HI TO ME IN THE HALL!

KAT As always, thank you for your excellent guidance. SOPHOMORE ENGLISH CLASS - DAY Bianca ignores the droning teacher as she writes a note in big flowing handwriting. Bianca folds the note and passes it behind her with a flip of her hair to CHASTITY.

MICHAEL (continuing) To the right, we have the Coffee Kids. A cloud of pot smoke hovers above them MICHAEL (continuing) Big Marley fans. Semi-political, but mostly, they watch a lot of Wild Kingdom, if you know what I mean. JOEY DORSEY, a well-muscled jock with great cheekbones, makes fun of her from his row.

MICHAEL Yeah, but these guys have never seen a horse. They pass an espresso cart with a group of teens huddled around it. Several white boys in dreadlocks and Jamaican knit berets lounge on the grass. KAT This book is about a guy and his fishing habit. He was an abusive, alcoholic misogynist who had a lot of cats.

Kat's attention is caught by Patrick as he walks by with his friends, lighting up a cigarette.

Kat attacks KAT The fact that you're cutting gym so you can T. Sophomore English just to hear his name, is a little without in itself if you ask me.

HALLWAY - DAY- CONTINUOUS Prom posters adorn the wall. The beautiful people pass, in full jock/cheerleader splendor. MICHAEL (continuing) Derek - save some for after lunch, bub? CAFETERIA - DAY - CONTINUOUS Loud music and loud students. MICHAEL I could start with your haircut, but it doesn't matter. I guess that does it for our analysis of The Old Man and the Sea.

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