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In each of the scenarios the parents have come to me because they have felt too uncomfortable to have the sex talk themselves or without support.

Most of the time the reason stated by the parent is, “I don’t want to embarrass them.” and “I don’t know where to start.” Another question I often receive is “When? ” Every child and maturity level is different but I have found between 8-10 is a good time to discuss sex education.

The idea is that you can setup Harmony AI alongside your Real Doll and have the system learn about you over time.

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I know that may seem young but if they don’t get the information from you now, they are going to get the information somewhere else.

And it may not be the information you want them to hear.

I have found the best way to start the conversation is by telling your children about the factual body changes that are going to take place during puberty.

This process is completely natural and happens to everyone.

Each of these is represented within the app as a fully customisable avatar of your faux lady love.

Real Doll is a service that’s been around for around two decades, but it’s this AI component which pushes the company to new heights.

Start with a progression of physical changes to lead into the next focus of conversation.

Usually by this time the kids are starting to ask ‘why’ these body changes are going to happen.

Practice saying the names if you have to so that you don’t hesitate or get embarrassed yourself.

If you present as uncomfortable, your children are going to get the impression that they should be uncomfortable with the topic, too.

The boys and girls got separated into different classes.

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