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Box 219 Fincastle, VA 24090 Telephone: (540) 473-8274 Bristol County Bristol County Clerk 497 Cumberland St.

Accomack County Accomack County Clerk Courthouse Accomac, VA 23301 Telephone: (757) 787-1320 Albemarle County Albemarle County Clerk 401 Mc Intire Road Charlottesville, VA 22901-4579 Telephone: (434) 296-5841 Alexandria County Alexandria County Clerk P.

Box 178 301 King Street Alexandria, VA 22313 Telephone: (703) 838-4550 Alleghany County Alleghany County Clerk Main Street Covington, VA 24426 Telephone: (540) 965-1730 Amelia County Amelia County Clerk P.

(1) A person commits the crime of trafficking in persons if the person knowingly recruits, entices, harbors, transports, provides or obtains by any means, or attempts to recruit, entice, harbor, transport, provide or obtain by any means, another person and: (2) A person commits the crime of trafficking in persons if the person knowingly benefits financially or receives something of value from participation in a venture that involves an act prohibited by subsection (1) of this section or ORS 163.263 or 163.264.

A person who is the victim of a crime described in ORS 163.263, 163.264 or 163.266 may assert the defense of duress, as described in ORS 161.270, if the person is prosecuted for conduct that constitutes services under ORS 163.261, that the person was caused to provide.

Box 950 Grundy, VA 24614-0950 Telephone: (276) 934-2745 Buckingham County Buckingham County Clerk P.

Box 252 Buckingham, VA 23921-0252 Telephone: (434) 969-4242 Buena Vista County Buena Vista City Clerk 2039 Sycamore Ave.

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(1) A person commits the crime of custodial interference in the second degree if, knowing or having reason to know that the person has no legal right to do so, the person takes, entices or keeps another person from the other person’s lawful custodian or in violation of a valid joint custody order with intent to hold the other person permanently or for a protracted period.

Information availability varies from county to county when searching county arrest records.

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