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Elkhaliny chased after her, grabbed her by the hair and dragged her back to his home, punching and kicking her the whole way, she said.

Elkhaliny's 8-year-old Rottweiler joined in too, ripping off Culp's sweatpants and biting her legs.

He told them he was "leaving it up to fate to decide if he'd go to the hospital" and flipped a coin twice.

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On one occasion in August 2013, according to the protection order documents, he allegedly took painkillers and anxiety medication and shot himself in the leg at his parents' house.

He then pointed the gun at his family and told them not to call police.

His latest attack — in which he allegedly beat, raped and held 22-year-old Kaila Kutzik captive for days at his luxurious two-story home in the San Antonio development of Stone Oak — caps a decade of violence, manipulation and psychological abuse of women, according to police reports, court documents and several victims who spoke to my You can just see that terror." In 2016, Culp was Elkhaliny's girlfriend.

His behavior has resulted in numerous arrests, a protective order and at least one lawsuit against him and his father, Adel Elkhaliny, a wealthy doctor in Corpus Christi who victims claim funded his son's exploits for years and willfully ignored the consequences. He abused drugs, she said, and was continuously in trouble with law enforcement.

Over the course of 10 days, Bishoy Elkhaliny punched, kicked, stalked, tortured and proposed to Jacqueline Culp.

According to Culp and two other women victimized by Elkhaliny, such behavior was not uncommon for the 30-year-old "playboy" from Corpus Christi."Jacqueline said Bishoy told her that he was going to kill her and then himself." He pistol-whipped her several times, then set the pistol down and went to look for something in his truck.Desperate, Culp grabbed the pistol and dashed down the street.A deputy pumped two shotgun rounds into Diesel, ending the attack and the dog's life.The marshals broke down Elkhaliny's bedroom door, yanked him down from a storage area above his closet, and arrested him.Once they pulled into his parents' driveway around 10 p.m., Elkhaliny shoved his finger into her eye, causing bleeding and "great pain," the police report states.

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