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"Road To Utopia" will be previewed in August by a 2 track digital single coupling "Quark, Strangeness And Charm" and "The Watcher", which will be promoted to radio and to streaming platforms. lejandro Escovedo returns with a brand new album on the Yep Roc label.The new album is perhaps his most varied and expansive album to date.

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To describe this album as "epic" might be an understatement.

"The Crossing", Yep Roc Records, September 14th, 2018. His songwriting career burst onto the scene in the late 60's with smash hit after smash hit by artists like Glen Campbell, 5th Dimension and decades later with top charting hits by Linda Ronstadt, Donna Summer and many others.

A few tunes express the wishful thinking of one who dreams big, as in 'If Only' and 'Is That Asking Too Much? Hawkwind invited Mike to help create arrangements for some of their most celebrated songs performed by the current line-up of Dave Brock, Richard Chadwick, Mr Dibs, Haz Wheaton and Magnus Martin.

', while 'Troubled Times' takes an unflinching look at the darkly disturbing aspects of our current worrisome world. Tracks such as "Quark, Strangeness And Charm", "We Took The Wrong Step Years Ago" and "Psychic Power" are re-rooted acoustically, then embellished with a strength and majesty only Hawkwind can produce.

The CD was a musical barn raising made entirely by Colerick and some very talented neighbors.

“I wanted to showcase the great talent I’m surrounded by in this town”, said Colerick, “South Pasadena is a hotbed of wonderfully creative people. Colerick awakened the sleepy town of South Pasadena in 2009 when he launched a weekly Wednesday night acoustic music series called Wine & Song.

To top things off, the Vinyl Book and Ultimate Box Set both come with a download card to enter the world of Jean Michel Jarre in 5.1.

Always fascinated by the best possible sound and technology Jarre mastered some tracks in 5.1. reetings from Kauai, Hawaii, 21 degrees north by 159 degrees west. I've been singing professionally since I was 12 years old.

Written and recorded over the last 6 years this collection of songs could possibly be my most far reaching album yet.

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