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Sirens of Greek mythology lured sailors to their death by singing them to shipwreck; Cleopatra beguiled both Julius Caesar and Marc Antony, Dionysus was the Greek god of seduction and wine.

Famous male seducers, their names synonymous with sexual allure, range from Genji to James Bond.

Nevertheless, these traits have been found to be adaptive in an exploitative strategy in short term mating.

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This can often involve manipulation of other individuals.

This is primarily based on desire, normally physical, as well as attraction towards them.

Individuals employing such strategies often do so subconsciously and will merely report the feelings and thoughts that they subjectively experienced and are colloquially comparable to ‘attraction’ Evolutionary psychology suggests that this form of sexual enticement can be used in order to cajole desired individuals to engage in sexual intercourse and ultimately reproduce.

This behaviour is also aimed at persuading someone to develop a short-term or long-term sexual relationship with them.

Popular phrases often used include; ‘the language of love is universal’.

These phrases help to demonstrate the extensively pervasive and ubiquitous strategy use within love and relationships amongst humans.

Males declare that they adopt the strategy of seduction statistically more frequently than females.

which may require this strategy of seduction used to access the female for intercourse.

Schmitt and Buss (2001) investigated the potential costs and benefits across sexes in relation to human mate poaching.

Costs for women engaging in poaching behaviours include unwanted pregnancy, transmitted infection and diseases, and insecurity about provisions (shelter, food, and financial security).

These particular traits may be used as a tactic for increasing success in mating.

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