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Attractiveness mattered far more to potential mates than intelligence.

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It turns out that behavioral science has some answers to offer based on careful empirical research, and perhaps not surprisingly, men and women want different things.

These are age-old questions, and they are particularly top of mind on Valentine’s Day when we celebrate romance.

Here’s where things from the Columbia speed-dating study get really interesting and a little depressing: Men valued women’s intelligence only until it matched their own, and they actually found women whose ambition exceeded theirs to be off-putting.

Disappointingly, this finding aligns with other recent research.

In another interesting twist, the researchers discovered that men are equally discerning when it comes to the women they’d like to see again no matter how many people are in a speed-dating pool.

Their standards remain unchanged whether they meet 10 or 20 potential partners.

However, women care about intelligence roughly twice as much as men.

In the speed-dating study, every point increase in a man’s intelligence rating (on a 1-to-10 scale) boosted the chances a woman would want to see him again by an average of 4.5 percentage points, while an equivalent increase in a woman’s intelligence increased the probability that a man would want to reconnect by only 2.3 percentage points.

For one, they prefer men raised in more affluent ZIP codes, while men show no such preference for a moneyed upbringing.

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