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For 32-bit servers, entry cache size must be limited such that the total Directory Server ( suffix initialization only, import cache and database cache are not used together, so you need not add them together when aggregating cache size as described in Total Aggregate Cache Size. Changes to import cache size take effect the next time the suffix is reset and initialized, with import cache allocated for the initialization, then released after the initialization.Directory Server handles import cache as it handles database cache.

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Actual memory used by the Directory Server process depends primarily on the memory allocation library used, and on the entries cached.

Entries with many small attribute values usually require more overhead than entries with a few large attribute values.

For 32-bit servers, this means total aggregate cache size must be limited such that the total Directory Server ( Refer to Database Cache for hints on how to check that the cache size and thus Directory Server process size does not exceed available physical memory.

If suffixes are initialized (bulk loaded) while Directory Server is online, the sum of database, entry, and import cache sizes should remain smaller than the total size of available physical memory.

Ideally, you know what searches to expect before tuning Directory Server.

In practice, verify assumptions through empirical testing.Directory Server caches directory information in memory and on disk in order to be able to respond more quickly to client requests.Properly tuned caching minimizes the need to access disk subsystems when handling client requests.If all suffix initialization takes place offline with Directory Server stopped, you may be able to work around this limitation.In this case import cache does not coexist with database cache, so you may allocate the same memory to import cache for offline suffix initialization and to database cache for online use.The instance is configured to handle significant disk activity.

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