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On Monday he was humiliated at a presser by his boss who didn’t trust him enough to answer media questions. On Tuesday more revelations about Morneau’s ethics problem, unable to make it clear why he sheltered a French villa in an undisclosed corporation or refused to put his millions in a blind trust, as ministers are required. Of course if the cash passes into your hands it will be taxed again, but not at 73%. We also know changes will be delayed until well into 2018.The same day the bank regulator dropped a bomb on the housing market, and Wednesday the federal agency CMHC talked about how it would survive a 30% real estate crash. Plus the federal ethics commish revealed our finance minister keeps a huge equity stake in his publicly-traded family business, Morneau Shepell, under his control in a holding company. (By keeping shares within a holding company, the minister avoids disclosing the securities to the parliamentary watchdog. ) By casting entrepreneurs, professionals and the self-employed as tax cheats, social pariahs, loopholers and sprinklers, the feds tried to forge an us-and-them wedge issue as justification for taxing a slew of non-wealthy people who create half the jobs. And in the process, the prime minister looked like an out-of-touch millionaire with a finance minister who wants two sets of rules. The proposed legislation will be tabled with the 2018 budget (in March or April), discussed, then implemented. As for income-splitting between spouses who have created a business and both own equity in it, we’re waiting for that shoe to drop.We continue to identify technical compliance solutions that will provide all readers with our award-winning journalism.

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You would have to be extremely naïve to fall for the same sales pitch (about Canada) that has worked on tens of millions of buyers worldwide (at peak prices of bubbles in other countries).

AND THERE’S NO SAFETY IN NUMBERS Every housing bust involves an unusually high number of mortgage defaults (and recourse mortgages don’t prevent housing busts). Well, like it says in the song I’m going to be writing soon: You might be the King in your own jungle, but anywhere else, you’re just another monkey.

And once a bubble exists, it is only a matter of time before prices fall back to the level which, historically, had been supported by economic fundamentals (before lax lending standards were implemented).

This, of course, happens with or without rising rates.

I have taught my students that even when outside of Canada, they should confront and attack misogyny, even if it’s a Mexican drug cartel doing an execution of a female rival near the US (Arizona)-Mexico border.

We must stand up against misogyny against Canadian women in Canada.

* Sometimes the inevitable major price correction (the bust) does not coincide with rising mortgage rates. “COMMISSION” LOGIC Those who work in the housing industry would have you believe the following: A price correction won’t happen in Canada (this is false).

Their justification: It would take a major increase in rates for that to happen (also false).

The bottom line with every sales pitch they come up with is that house prices can only rise so, not only is it not worth waiting for prices to fall, but if you don’t buy right now you will “miss out”.

This same basic (false) logic has been used by millions of house salespeople throughout the world over the past 50 years and the market has always proven them wrong.

And the minister of finance is being proven to be a bigger loopholer than the family doctors, dentists and veterinarians he’s hounding. The guy has single-handedly transformed the government’s image from street-fighting defenders of the deplorable middle class to entitled trust fund brats picking on people with real jobs. History has proven over and over that it is always worth the wait.

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