Personality questionaire for dating

Has he taken any steps to “disprove” the claims or discredit the accusers? Here’s an obvious question: what superpowers does your superhero have? Has anyone publically accused him of being the hero?Go to a coffee shop and sit down, order the most difficult drink to make and keep changing your mind about it, then don't pay for anything and when she looks at you just say, 'ah never mind', then start muttering and swearing to yourself barely audible, but definitely call her a 'slut' or 'bitch'. Leave and come back and bring her flowers, real nice ones, then give her someone else number when she asks for it. Hopefully it will be garbage day, but if it isn't find one of those huge dumpsters and spread trash all over the street. Drive fast, mean, and flip off as many people as you can on your way to work.

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Why should prospective readers care about your hero? Will he sound any different from the other characters in the story?

What kind of goals did he have before becoming a superhero?

So if you are squeamish or don't desire a sadomasochist view on life, don't read on.

Day 1: WAKE UP EXTREMELY EARLY, this will allow you to be groggy enough not to care on your own. Day 2: Wake up earlier than the day before and play VERY loud music.

Find that dog that is always barking in your neighborhood while the owner is away, and terrorize the shit out of the dog, hit it with a stick if you want to, just make it pissed off. Good act 2: Give 20 dollars to the cash register person and ask them for change in quarters, then right in front of them put each coin individually into the collection jars, it's especially good if there are people waiting.

This one is a wild card, but here is something you can do that will help you later.

Good act 1: Go and buy 40 dollars in groceries for your local homeless man. This works on many levels, but you can't count it as a bad action.

Good Act 1: While on the hustle to work drive very slowly and let everyone in, don't get mad or stressed. Find the most frumpish looking mid 20's girl and start flirting with her heavily. It is important not to dwell or celebrate about anything you did today, this is very important.

Get dressed up as White trash as you can, get yourself real dirty and roll in stuff if possible, then go to the Big 5 or other sporting good store.

While you are there, just look at the guns with a sort of 'far away look', shaking and twitching.

What would the consequences be if his enemies, friends and/or the public found out who he is? How do his powers make it harder (or easier) to keep his secret-identity secret? Has his work as a superhero noticeably changed his body?

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