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They would discount the inner perceptual and/or spiritual benefits of the "intrinsic value of nature" that may be experienced during pleasurable appreciation.

Outdoor activities may also be pursued for the purposes of finding peace in nature, enjoying life, and relaxing.

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It's also expected that backpackers leave no trace while enjoying the outdoors.

The activity of mountain biking involves steering a mountain cycle over rocky tracks and around boulder-strewn paths.

These activities can also take place on school trips, on visits in the local community or even on the school grounds.

includes activities for Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, under the topics Plants, Animals, Habitats and People & Nature.

University outdoor recreation programs are becoming more popular in the United States.

Universities often offer indoor rock climbing walls, equipment rental, ropes courses and trip programming.

The two primary purposes for outdoor recreation are beneficial use and pleasurable appreciation.

Beneficial use is related to the physical and social rewards that goal-directed activity instills in individuals or groups.

Riders also need bike handling skills and the ability to make basic repairs to their bikes.

Advanced mountain bikers often attempt technical descents as well as some of the more intense styles of mountain biking, such as down hilling and free riding.

Canyoning is an activity which involves climbing, descending, jumping and trekking through canyons.

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