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" Karen Vaisman Photography offers professional retouching that embraces the fine balance between "enhancing" your look with Photoshop without completely overdoing it.You want to show your true self; that sparkle in your eyes while removing distractions (stray hairs, under eye circles) but still reflect warmth with a welcoming smile.

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In 2017 online dating became a $3 billion dollar industry.

As of January 2018, 49 million people have tried online dating, and Statistic Brain's research shows 20% of current committed relationships started online and 17% of couples who married within the last year met on a dating website.

It helps add that extra Do - Pose showing your interests (most popular – yoga, surfing, general athletics) also – health, food, family, dancing, and art. ______________________________Don’t -Men prefer not to see tattoos on women. Don’t use group shots (it adds to the confusion) and your friend might be more attractive than you! Wearing red is recommended, not blue, green, yellow, white, or black. Don't wear loud patterns.“We make inferences about an individual’s character and personality within a split second of seeing a photograph of their face.

Pose full body (show off a flat stomach if you have one! If you love sports – pose in your favorite sports team jersey. These first impressions can influence important decisions such as whether someone wants to befriend you, date you or employ you...

Online dating is similar to an audition to connect with someone you don't know. Feeling comfortable and approachable in your online dating profile photo leaves a great impression that will carry through on your first date.

I have compiled information gathered online from articles and research. What I can conclude from all my years as a photographer is that eye contact in a well-lit and naturally-posed photo matters.

Retouching has been given a bad name by those who have overused the features and don't understand the visual nuances of "subtle" touch-ups.

Untrained retouchers or amateur photographers often pull out the stops and create an online dating portrait akin to a phony, plastic-looking doll giving the industry a bad name.

Look in her eyes...a crescent-shaped reflector added a semi-circular catch-light that added a bit of "sparkle" to her eyes, making them playful, flirty and twinkle with mystery. Show off abs (if you have them and you are under 30). Pose – looking away from the camera without a smile (without looking creepy!

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