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Catherine, Manchester, UK Anything that has the power to allow would be lovers to find each other can only be a good thing for romance.

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You're bound to meet some guys who aren't right for you - that's life.

If you hold on in there, the chances of you meeting someone that you're compatible with are much greater.

When love has the chance to prevail - who cares how it starts?

I don't see the difference between meeting someone in a room at a house party or in a chatroom online - both are just as coincidental and have the potential to develop into the perfect star-crossed match that was always meant to be!

So I can definitely say is a good thing to meet someone online.

Paul, West Yorkshire I started internet dating 5 months ago and was very sceptical about it to begin with.Internet dating does work - you've just got to sift the wheat out from the chaff! 4 years ago I was using an internet chat room, not looking for anything in particular and having a bit of fun.I know a number of people who've had successes with internet dating and one person who has ended up getting married. I met the most amazing man, and after exchanging lots of emails and hours on the phone we met up about 3 weeks later.Dating websites can give people a "surprisingly high" chance of long-term romance, suggests a study published on St Valentine's Day.Some 94% of UK online agency customers questioned saw their "e-partner" again after the first face-to-face meeting.However, only 9% of chatroom users chose to converse via a webcam, most "shying away" in favour of "text-based relationships".

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