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It shows the known earliest civilisations plotted on a timeline.

It starts with the end of the Ice Age, and ends with the birth of Christ. At its height 10,000 people lived in Catalhoyuk, which was about 1% of the global population back then. That’s as long as thr Greek and Roman Civilisations. They were the original hub for pottery and agriculture, making sedentary life possible.

Platforms exist for different races, religions, fans of different sports, people of different body weights, different financial statuses, etc.

This ties in with the shift towards spending less time on the internet and quickly moving to real world interactions.

By the year 2000, the ability to search for and find other singles had become too old. To this end, new computer programs were developed for the dating industry.

These algorithms made it possible for dating platforms to suggest compatible partners using the information provided by the users.

For example, the coming of smartphones has made it easy for users to take and upload multiple photos of themselves, simplifying the assessment of possible matches without wasting time.

Features such as live text chat, live video chat, etc., further reduce the time it takes to have a solid impression of a person.

Internet connectivity has become phenomenally convenient. Whereas people needed to be at home or at the office to connect to the net, it is now possible to access the internet over Wi-Fi networks as you move about.

It is also currently much faster and more reliable than it earlier was.

The evolution of online dating can be divided into three periods.

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