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From the Thai word for French (farangsayt) who were among the first to colonize Southeast Asia.Generally non-derogatory, though depends on context and intention of speaker. Japanese equivalent to "Goyim," refers to anyone not Japanese, but especially Westerners.

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Yet another theory has it originating from white men honking their horns to call on the lounge singer/prostitute types in 1920's Harlem.

This is kind of an interesting term, because "Ebony" is considered a very good word and used by Blacks to reference themselves (some even name their children "Ebony"). Somewhat popular..to refer to the presence of British people (whites) when China and Britan were at war, towards the end of the 19th century, and the beginning of the 20th. ") Mocking the fact that its offensive to blacks when whites say nigger.

Some say it comes from Spanish "griego" (meaning Greek) which used to be used to refer to anything foreign. The ships often left on early morning tides or during the night, causing the locals to believe they were "ghosts" who were seen and then disappeared.

Others say it comes from hearing Americans sing the popular song "Green Grow the Rushes" (unlikely though). Hawaiian: Haole is a contraction of ha (breath) and a'ole (no) meaning "no breath" used to described foreigners who shook hands instead of greeting nose to nose like the Hawaiians. Possibly comes from the term "Honky Tonk", which is a type of country music.

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Comes from the word Petrolio or Petrolium in Spanish.

Indicates that these women like Petrolium because them men they date are black like petrolium All white people come from Europe, they claim to be American, but they are not, they are pilgrims.

The bottom half would be tanned dark, while the top half remained pale because it was shaded by the brim.

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