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She’s got beauty and the title of one of the highest paid actresses to compliment her talents!

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They met the biological mum, took their child and named him Andrew after their lost friend.

Andrew’s early months were scary as he was a sickly infant.

Mansfield was one of the biggest sex icons in her days; she worked her way to the top by shooting x-rated scenes and changing so many natural features so she can be celebrated.

Hargitay remained true to herself by having to put her foot down that she was not another sexy blonde with an undulating self esteem.

Hermann casts as Trevor Langon, a defence attorney on the detective series.

They met in 2001 while filming and in no time, began dating.

Faith is a major part of their lives and they believe all things happen for a reason.

In September 2011, Peter and Mariska received shocking news about the tragic death of one of their dear friends named Andrew.

Just around that time while they were mourning Andrew, the lawyer checked up on Amaya but also mentioned that there was a fragile two month old baby boy who was born premature.

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