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The plot was well developed and proceeded on a fast enough pace to hold riveting attention poised between Armageddon and enlightening alien contact.My thoughts were that this was an excellent Sci-Fi thriller that could do well at the box office with an good English translation.Still aiming for the Moon During 2015, Russian engineers re-tailored the prospective human space flight program for lighter, cheaper rockets to reflect severe cuts in the nation's space budget in the previous year.

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See more » Pleasantly surprised by a very well directed film with good acting.

Only 2d Russian film watched, and found to be not only entertaining, but with social overtures that reflect current American and European mass hysteria over immigrants and any unknown surprises.

(745) According to the head of Roskosmos Igor Komarov, Angara-5V would be developed in cooperation between GKNPTs Khrunichev in Moscow, Ts SKB Progress in Samara and RKK Energia in Korolev.

On April 30, Roskosmos issued a directive to GKNPTs Khrunichev, the Angara developer, to prepare a technical proposal to accommodate the man-rated Angara-5V vehicle within the Amur launch complex, which had been under development for Angara-5 and Angara-5P rockets since October 2013 at Russia's new space port in Vostochny.

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Since the agency simultaneously endorsed upgrading the medium-class Angara-5 rocket into an Angara-A5V (or Angara-5V for short) variant, engineers at RKK Energia, the PTK NP developer, attempted to fit the spacecraft and its missions into this much smaller rocket.

The Angara would have no problem to insert the PTK NP into the low Earth orbit, however an orbital assembly would be required for practically any deep-space mission, which has been proclaimed as the main purpose of the PTK NP project.

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