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Many women are also secretly submissive, fantasising about being dominated by strong, powerful men who use them as mere sex objects.Others daydream about doing it in public or with strangers, participating in orgies or simply involving someone other than their partner.

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Are there cuckolds who are kept in chastity and expected to serve as sissy maids all day, every day - like it or not?

What about sissy babies who wear nothing but pretty party dresses over their diapers, paraded around in prams and breastfed in public?

There's nothing shameful or wrong about such fancies, provided you're able to recognise them for what they are - nothing more, nothing less.

It's not just sissies who have sexual fantasies - everyone does, although few are prepared to admit to them openly.

Don't just limit your consideration to what we'll be discussing here, but take a glance at your bookmarks or leaf through your collection of pictures and stories and see if you can spot any patterns about what does it for you.

Like losing yourself in a thrilling action movie, there's nothing wrong with having fantasies so long as you don't take them too seriously.

How about sissy secretaries who go to work in skirts and blouses, their job involving nothing but satisfying their boss's urges and submitting to strap-on wearing colleagues?

All things are possible, but the more unlikely the claims, the more likely it is that someone is simply making things up rather than objectively relating their situation - especially if they claim to have no choice in the matter, but nevertheless regale readers with regular, detailed accounts of the humiliations they endure as though loving every minute.

Can one can pull it all together and get a feeling for what it is that sissies do?

While the Internet can be an invaluable source of help and support, not to mention offering an apparently endless supply of visual stimulation, it's dangerous to build a mental model based solely on what one finds online without applying a copious amount of critical thinking and common sense - in layman's terms, a healthy pinch of salt.

Whether it's the belief that humanity is being secretly controlled by alien overlords or that Elvis was the second coming, there's a nook and cranny for pretty much anything you can imagine if you care to go looking for it - places where true believers reinforce one another's preconceptions no matter what articles of faith they might hold.

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