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That, of course, is not enough for the majority of Americans to cover their most basic expenses including mortgage payments, food, and other necessary expenditures.

In such a scenario, having a one to three month reserve of cash will come in handy.

Should the system buckle we can expect widespread rioting, panic and confusion, something for which the government has been actively training personnel to handle on a mass scale. Copyright Information: Copyright SHTFplan and Mac Slavo.

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Gold coins will not help in this case, nor will silver coins, for we are not talking about trying to preserve wealth; this is the emergency stash for living purposes in case you need CASH, which is recognized by everyone.

Try explaining a silver quarter to a teenage clerk who has no authority to accept a quarter for more than a quarter.

While forecasters like Armstrong understand that the system under which we currently operate is set to fail, what’s difficult to predict is exactly how such a collapse may play out.

Thus, preparing for a wide range of potential scenarios is in order and that means positioning yourself to survive a short-term disruption to the regular flow of commerce, as well as longer-term scenarios that affect the credit markets and the systems that depend on them. Author: Mac Slavo Views: Read by 59,389 people Date: July 24th, 2015 Website:

Often he was stationed in the field among the mountain tribes of northern Iran.

After the war he also performed a more diplomatic role at the Tehran embassy."I studied Zaehner's Personal File.

But how do you prepare for the uncertainty of what’s to come?

Armstrong says you’d better have some cash on hand for short-term disruptions, just in case your financial institution shuts down like they did in Greece: No institution is safe for all can be closed by decree, including credit unions. They may not confiscate it, but they can deny access.

During 1949, however, he was relocated to Malta where he trained anti-Communist Albanians.

In 1950 he secured appointment as Lecturer in Persian at Oxford University.

It should be clear that something is very wrong in financial markets.

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