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is a popular Korean Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game Beat 'em Up centered around adventurers known as "Dungeon Fighters" as they travel and battle their way across the Fantasy Kitchen Sink realm of Arad.

Howard said he felt like going off in the corner to smoke a joint after hearing that from them.

They also made fun of his gray hairs and his age but then they told him they do love him and tried to make it all better. He also promoted the week after that which is one of his favorites called ''The Sexorcist''. He mentioned a bunch of highlights from other upcoming episodes also. Howard read in the paper that a 4 year old drowned at Tommy Lee's house over the weekend at his son's birthday party. Howard spent a couple of minutes talking about that.

Imus admitted that he probably did that because he was drunk.

Larry King pretty much complimented him on admitting to that.

Howard said he'd never drop his kid off at a party like that and leave them alone.

Stuttering John said he does it all the time with his daughter.

Because of the differences between the past version and current version of the game, the following tropes are divided into respective categories.

Howard pointed out that Ron is a sunglasses wearing person just like he is.

Howard said Ron was wearing really dark glasses when he first came in but switched to lighter ones in the dark studio.

Howard said he spoke to his father yesterday on Father's Day for about 30 seconds.

am Comedy writer Ron Zimmerman was sitting in this morning.

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