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If a soldier says that someone saboes him, he means that some sinister fellow is doing something to put him in jeopardy. Stems are procumbent and root freely at nodes below. It is more luxuriant and fleshy when grown in 12–15 cm deep swampy ground. In South East Asia, it is a vegetable always cooked in soup before consumption.

172 Known among the MPs as the ‘sabo-king’, the RSM’s most conspicuous behaviour was positioning himself at the gate once a week and when a senior officer arrived, delivering a sharp, resounding ‘Morning SIR! sam (as a preposition or prefix to verbs and verbal derivatives) with, together with, along with, together; when prefixed to some roots and verbal derivatives sam intensifies the idea contained in the simple root, and may often be translated by ‘much’, ‘greatly’, ‘thoroughly’, ‘quite’, ‘very’, ‘well’; it may also express ‘completeness’, ‘perfection’, ‘beauty’, etc.; it is not unfrequently prefixed to nouns in the sense of sama, ‘same’, ‘like’, ‘similar’; Skt.

Those made with chilies are known as chabei besar or kechil, while many fish figure also, such as ikan sembilan, ikan jirehak, ikan mas, &c.

Some twenty or thirty names might be given, but they are mostly of local [a]pplication, according to the place where the name is current.

’ , Assistant Food Controller of Perak) Good Food 1 And here I would like to add a request that in the next edition Mr Newington includes recipes for the ever-popular mahmee and “Gula Malacca” in the preparation of which most Europeans are quite ignorant.] 2005 ); Mand. sama even, level, flat, plain; same, equal; like, similar, like to; a match for; acting in the same way or with equal justice towards every one; indifferent, impartial, fair; free from emotion, unaffected by passion, unmoved; straight; upright, honest, just, temperate, good, virtuous; fit, convenient, suitable; not eminent, ordinary, common, low, mean, equally distant from all extremes; all, everyone; full complete; whole, entire) Skt.

xīyáng cài: xīyáng the West, the Western world (xī west; Occidental, Western yáng ocean; foreign) cài vegetable, greens (Chi.–Eng. , 2 January, L12 Hideto Tomabechi, a Yale and Carnegie Mellon-educated congnitive scientist, claims to have invented Rockmelon, a mobile phone ringtone that sends subliminal messages to listeners, causing their bodies to shift unconsciously in specific ways – in this case, to grow larger breasts. I actually think A*Star should faster call Tomabechi-san (but make sure he’s activated the right ringtone, The Sunday Times (Life Style), 14 August, 26 The famous sam lo hor fun is a Cantonese phrase meaning “three mix” flat noodle.

The sea of white and light brown was broken only by a sprinkling of green spring onion and sliced red chilli... Not to be confused with the condiments ( Political and Statistical Account of the British Settlements in the Straits of Malacca, vol. 1894 A Descriptive Dictionary of British Malaya 337 Sambals.

– This is the Malay name of certain relishes eaten with curry, and the list is, practically, almost inexhaustible.

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dressed in a distinctive red cloth cap and blue or grey samfoo (long-sleeved blouse and trousers).

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