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'Everything is done on a shoestring,’ Benning says.

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Once the sturgeons are deemed mature they are placed in the purging tank full of clean spring water for 10 days, before being killed humanely.

Then the caviar is painstakingly extracted by Patrick and George, using tweezers to remove any fatty tissue, before being salted and packed for transportation to London.

'If you were starting from scratch you’d be waiting between 10 and 14 years before a return on your investment,’ Benning says.

'The difference with Pat and George is that the farm has been here since the 1950s; they already had the knowledge, the fish and the infrastructure.’ A year later Benning established Exmoor Caviar.

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Yet here I am at the home of Exmoor Caviar, Britain’s first caviar farm.

The farm in Exmoor keeps between 20,000 and 30,000 Siberian sturgeons in huge tanks through which about nine million gallons of natural spring water from the River Mole flow every day.

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