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When Charlie almost beats his ex-wife's boyfriend (Brian Austin Green) with a lamp after an anger relapse, he decides he needs to go back to therapy.Unfortunately, he is currently having sex with the only therapist he trusts: his best friend Kate.

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Meanwhile Patrick is convinced that Ed's daughter is a lesbian, and tries to tell him.

Charlie worries about ethical boundaries when he begins dating a sexy former patient (Kate Reinders).

To help keep her anger under control on the set of a commercial, Lindsay Lohan (playing herself) hires Charlie to be her anger management consultant.

The two get romantic, leading to a series of mishaps that damage Lindsay's already tarnished reputation.

When a neighbor gets wind that patients with anger issues are meeting at Charlie's house, he organizes a protest to get the group relocated.

Lacey encounters the neighbor and only makes the situation worse, Meanwhile Kate helps Jen pick a dress for Sam's prom When Sam's favorite horse from her riding stable is relocated to an "equine therapy" farm, Charlie decides a visit to the farm might be beneficial to his anger group.

An episode with a similar title, but with different storylines, named "Charlie Does It For Science" aired on December 5, 2013.

Kate starts feeling even more like she and Charlie are becoming a couple, when he takes her to his sister's baby shower and the two start beating married couples at a version of the "Newlywed Game." Charlie then loses control of his anger when his sister becomes overly judgmental of both him and Kate.

Jennifer decides to get back at Charlie by dating the ex-con.

Charlie gets an unexpected visit from his hyper-critical, bullying father (Martin Sheen), who tells him he is moving to town to be closer to him; in the therapy group, Charlie attempts to help Lacey with road rage.

But Charlie realizes she can only enjoy sex with him when she's angry.

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