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“But being out of it also gave me an opportunity to get on with other stuff and it went to the back of my mind, to the point where I could just enjoy the show as a fan and see it grow from something that was incredibly popular into the juggernaut it is today.

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Walking around with the final episode of the last ever style with locations like Tehran and Beirut, and has already been commissioned for a second series.

It’s a step up in terms of screen time for Dempsie, whose career is going great guns.

Essentially he’s just working in an armoury and though highly skilled, is living on a pittance.

Then he’s hit with the news he’s of royal stock, so he goes on the biggest journey of the lot.”Gendry escaped Dragonstone for King’s Landing on a rowing boat after learning the truth about his parentage back in season three and washed up in King’s Landing in season seven.

There’s a torture scene in Joe Dempsie’s new TV spy thriller Deep State where pliers are produced to remove fingernails to make someone talk.

I’m reminded of this when I start interrogating him on the final season of the forthcoming Game of Thrones in which Dempsie plays Gendry, AKA Robert Baratheon’s bastard son and heir to the Iron Throne if you’re a big Thronie. long enough to be an expert at keeping secrets.“It becomes second nature,” he says.He thinks he’s been fighting the good fight but in the course of the series, this ends up being called into question.”With the tone of the show more Bourne than Bond, and little in the way of glamour about it, Dempsie was keen to make his portrayal of an agent as authentic as possible.“But you can’t look them up on the internet,” he says and laughs.“It’s helpful to talk to people who have done a job, or to a character you’re about to play, but a big part of being an actor is to use your imagination.”Using his imagination is familiar territory for Dempsie, since playing Gendry in he’s the one who has spent most of his life in the slums and has no family, or idea of his place in the world.“He showed me how to turn a square rod of steel into an iron leaf.His was beautiful – he has such a delicate touch and artistic eye. It was supposed to be a keyring, but it’s no use, it’s in a drawer somewhere.“Being out in Morocco was an amazing experience too.

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