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I worked indoors at Antigua, but was in Shipping and Receiving at San Sal, driving a truck and forklift, mostly loading and unloading C-54s, but also delivering ballistic cameras to and from their setup sites. Before Pan Am, I worked a short time for RCA at Patrick AFB.Comments: I served at Eleuthera AAFB for about 6 months during late 1956, as radar operator/tech.

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Two days before I reported to go to work for RCA (on Jan 14, 1956) we checked into the Brevard Hotel until we could get settled into anew "home".

I feel very fortunate to have been part of many historical events there; some very pllease and some not so very pleasant.

Participated in 1st successful guided shoot of Snark missile from Patrick AFB to Ascension Island and back.

Loved my duty here but moved back to the mainland to get married.

Transferred with Pan Am to Los Alamos National Lab in 1986 until 1996 when I relocated back to the Cape as a Johnson Controls employee. I remember the "never go Navajo" and the "run a way Snark", so any of you? A GOOD CROWD OF OLD RATS, LOTS OF PHOTOS AND DOCUMENTS, LOTS OF TALL TALES, LOTS OF GOOD FOOD AND COMPANIONSHIP. RANGE MANAGER RUSS REED WAS THERE - 97 YEARS YOUNG AND AS SHARP AS EVER. I believe he was part of the 205 missions on the Vanguard. When radar was removed from Carter Cay Spent time on GBI. FOR THOSE FAR AWAY; PAFB MUCH CHANGED AND THEN NOT CHANGED. ALL THOSE HOUSES, INCLUDING BEACHFRONT, EMPTY, STILL MAINTAINED. DOUG ROGERS JUST RETURNED FROM A MONTH LONG TREK AROUND ASCENSION. ANYONE INTERESTED CAN CONTACT VIA E ADDRESS LISTED ELSEWHERE ON THIS SITE.

Comments: I was at The Devil's Ashpit Tracking Station on Ascension Island from 1975 until 1979. MANY HAD MADE A LONG TREK TO GET THERE, FROM OUT OF STATE AND FROM FAR AWAY INSTATE. Don't have a lot of information about his job but he was fresh out of the Air Force where he was a cryptographer. Adventurally got assigned to Trinidad, where I worked in Receiver CMF radar . Trinidad, Fernando De Noronha, Antigua, Grand Turk, Eleuthera, Ascension, Mahe, Pretoria. I received this emal from Don Akerberg yesterday saying:"I received a phone call from Angela Sweetin that Maury passed away on Thursday evening June 29th. Maury wrote this in my Range Rat Sign-In Book way back in Jan, 2006:"I arrived at MTP in Feb 1959 as a B-TEch in the Radar Shop, aptly led by Ira Runyan. THERE ARE MANY POSTS ON YOUTUBE RE THE ISLAND AS OF TODAY. Arnold from1965 - 1967, and in Grand Turk 1967 - 1970. Comments: Was on the Range from December 1956 - June 1972.

Worked in Field Ops for George Jones and at Comm Control at the XY building.

Took over as SME for TV Ops from Leon Lacy and then went to the SME position at the ROCC.

February 1961: My first assignment was Carter Cay in the newly opened Comm Center.

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