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In 1273, the neighbourhoods were granted as an extraterritorial enclave to Genoa, for the use of that Republic's merchants and clients, as well as other foreign residents.Genoa appointed governors (named as "Podesta", or Mayor) of the community, who administered the district autonomously.The ancestors of the Ottomans (Osmanli, Uthmanli) were Oghuz Turks who followed the victorious Seljuqs into Anatolia in the 11th century.

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See also, the Eastern Orthodox Patriarchs, the Jacobite Patriarchs , and the Melkite Patriarchs of Antioch. The exact location is unknown, but it was probably located in the vicinity of Ephesus.

The populations was Luwian, and spoke an Indo-European language related to Hittite.

As Ilkhanate authority waned, Ottoman power grew and, successfully vanquishing other Ghazi domains, they became the new Power of the region.

Achaea, Aegina, Aegion, Aetolia, Albania, Algeria, Andros, Arcadia, Armenia, Argos, Arta, Athens, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Chechnya, Corfu, Corinth, Cos, Crete, Cyprus, Dagestan, Delphi, Durres, Elea, Epirus, Euboea, Georgia, Greece, Hercegovina, Ioannina, Ipati, Israel, Jordan, Karystos, Lemnos, Lesbos, Libya, Macedonia, Maina, Megalopolis, Megara, Mesopotamia, Messinia, Milos, Moldavia, Moldova, Morea, Naxos, Pheres, Phokis, Phthia, Pylos, Rhodes, Salamis, Samos, Serbia, Sparta, The Sporades, Syria, Syros, Thebes, Thera, Thessalonika, Thessaly, Tinos-Mykonos, Troy, Tunisia, Vodonitsa, Wallachia.

Here is a very incomplete list of these administrators... With the Taurus Mountains astride its southern perimeter, Cappadocia was a bulwark of the Byzantine Empire's efforts to contain Islam, and a prime recruiting ground for the army until the Seljuq victory at Manzikert in 1071.

Extreme southwestern Anatolia, opposite the Isle of Rhodes.

A people of Thracian origin, their pugnacity was legendary.

They successfully repelled both Persian and Macedonian advances, but under a series of inept kings, they slowly fell under Roman sway.

There are really two Cilicias; the east is a broad plain, quite fertile, while in the west the ramparts of the Taurus Mountains run right down to the sea, with the interior being quite rugged and underpopulated.

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