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Funeral services will be held at the graveside in Rose Dhu cemetery, Vidette, this Thursday morning at 11 o'clock with the Rev. Four of the soldiers, including Baldwin, were detailed to make their way overland to Port Orford, where the garrison was astonished, supposing that all had perished in the wreck. He also claimed to be a lineal descendant of Charles the Great. The whiskey was not purchased and when Pennington returned only one dollar to Hawkins, the quarrel ensued. [Charles] and Amanda Heller who were among the first settlers on Cherry creek, passed away Sunday from a heart attack.

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On the Coquille river transportation was made difficult and dangerous by loose logs. Guy & Dewey Stutsman's barn on south Coos river collapsed last night and Marshall Redell of Myrtle Point lost a horse killed by a falling tree. Arnot, who was injured by a falling limb at a logging camp yesterday, died today at Mercy Hospital.

Funeral Services will be held Saturday morning at 11 o'clock a tthe Mills chapel. Logs were running from all directions, and it was believed most of the back district accumulations would come out.

Bailey was held this morning at the Dungan undertaking parlors.

The active pall bearers were from the Sons of Veterans and the Spanish American War veterans.

Baldwin, 88, Is Dead Oldest Coos County Settler Passes Away at Bandon Bandon, Or., March 2, -- Harry H. The bottle was placed on a stand near the medicine vial. Border, who passed away in Portland, Ore., at the home of his daughter, Mrs. He was going home when he saw the body along the bank. Since the girl was missed, coast guardsmen from Bandon, state police and neighbors dragged every day in the Riverton community. May 14 -- Laney Hatcher died very suddenly at the Jim Hobson home of heart failure. Hatcher had worked hard all day and was in his usual good health. H., March 9 -- (By the Associated Press) -- Joseph Hatcher of Myrtle Point, Or., a private in the United States army here, died suddenly of heart disease at Fort Ruger here today. Jr., was found at 10 o'clock this morning one mile below where the accident happened. They settled on a farm at Hall's Prairie (now Arago) on the farm now owned by John D. The following year, 1875, she was united in marriage to W. To thier union were born four children, one of whom, Vivian, a son, passed away some years ago. The only living member of her family is a sister, Mrs.

Yesterday afternoon the husband took home a six-ounce vial of carbolic add, to be used in a wash for the infant. Coos Pioneer Passes News was received this week of the death of an Old Pioneer of Coos County, William A. The body was found by Tom Shipman, a Riverton commercial fisherman, about a quarter of a mile downstream from Riverton. Funeral services are scheduled for Saturday afternoon at the Adventist church in Coquille. Myrtle Point Man Dies Very Suddenly Lancy Hatcher Succumbs to Heart Failure at the Home of Jim Hobson Myrtle Point, Ore. Hermann, more familiarly known to her relatives as "Aunt Carrie", was born on Deer Creek, in Douglas County, Oregon near the city of Roseburg, April 4, 1854, daughter of Bozier Brown. She moved to Coos County with her parents in the year 1874. Shortly after they made their home at Broadbent, where they, by hard work, built up and developed what is now the beautiful farm owned by earnest Clausen. Since disposing of her farm, she had made her home with her daughter and son- in-law, Mr. Funeral services were held in the Methodist Church at 2 p.m. For further information, please call (541) 332-5063 or email [email protected]

When a boy of 15 or 16 he enlisted in the British merchant marine, came to America in 1843 and lived in Cincinnatti for a few years, then he enlisted in the United States Army and was sent to the Coast with his cavalry brigade. Prison officials said Barkdoll was sunning himself in the yard when he complained of chest pains and collapsed. Captain Barker followed the sea for several years and arrived in San Francisco in February, 1854, on board the ship Partheon. Neither Bernett nor his mother, who occupied a third bedroom, heard a sound during the night. She is also survived by one brother, Frank Nelson, Jr. Murder Over 50 Cents-Case From Curry County Frank M.

Baldwin, the oldest settler of Coos County, died at the home of John W. He was born in Bandon, Ireland, April 25, 1923, and would have been 88 years old at his next birthday. He is publishing the Myrtle Point Enterprise in his new home. Oregon Bank Robber Dies at Alcatraz SAN FRANCISCO (UP) Lloyd Barkdoll, 37-year-old Oregon bank robber, one of four lifers thwarted in a daring escape plot on Alcatraz in 1941, died on The Rock Tuesday. Captain Judah Barker, a pioneer of California and also one of the pioneer settlers on Coos Bay, died at his home at Parkersburg last night, aged 69. Last evening about 9 o'clock Bernett says he told his wife he would take the infant to another apartment, that the invalid spouse might enjoy a night of unbroken rest. But shortly after he retired, the Hobson's heard queer breathing in his room, and on entering found him breathing his last. Pemberton was called but he had passed away before the doctor arrived. Henrietta Hatcher, who has been ailing for several months, died at the home of her parents, Mr. Frank Nelson, Saturday, April 28th, at the age of twenty-seven years eight months and twenty-eight days. September 26, 1908, she was married to Everett Hatcher, and is the mother of Violet and Frank Hatcher. Funeral [sic] were held at the family home near Norway, at o'clock Sunday afternoon, and interment was in the Norway cemetery. He collapsed while skipping rope, part of his training program [unreadable] athletics. The other three are, Authur Hermann of Broadbent, Mrs.

On the afternoon of February 25th Andrew Anderson was killed by the premature discharge of a rifle in the hands of Wm.

Mary Estes, Empire; 23 grandchildren and several great grandchildren.

Paige was known for her love of all things country including: music, horses, and dancing.

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