Internet explorer not updating history asp net gridview rowupdating oldvalues

Just like I said, it’s a multi reasoned problem and I can’t rely on one thing, so that’s why I made this tutorial more organized to let things better and a lot more understandable.

Now as you can see I’ve mentioned every possible reason one by one according to both of these situations to solve this problem easily.

Java, Flash Player, Shockwave player and Silverlight is the main plugin which your Windows Internet Explorer use the most, and it’s possible that this appcrash also occur because of these installed and corrupted plugins.

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But first, make sure you do follow all the steps according to your situation because that can quickly fix your PC, maybe just in a couple of minutes.

Let’s start with the solutions of; If you having a problem like this then maybe it’s possible that some of your Windows Operating Systems Drivers or a browser’s Plugins might need to get an update and by updating them, you can easily fix this problem.

After putting that file name on Google I’ve found that it’s an important Windows file which is corrupted by whatever the reason is.

So, I do solve this problem by just doing some Windows or IExplore repairing stuff which I’ll all listed down here in this tutorial. Besides that it’s possible that your error will show you the different file names which is like “asw Web Rep IE.dll” or some etc.

In case, If you don’t have any antivirus installed in your computer or maybe your installed antivirus is too blind to see viruses, then the first thing what you’ll need to do is to buy a world class antivirus for your PC, which is more than necessary.

Nowadays Antivirus are a lot cheaper than as it was before and if you’re looking to install one of the best antivirus in you PC at the affordable price tag, than Avast is one of the best in their kind.

Here’s The List Of Those Software’s Which I’m Talking About: If you’ve still having the problem in this situation even after trying all the above-mentioned steps, then it’s possible that your Internet Explorer is might in some kind of bigger problem.

To fix your browser you can continue to follow the instruction given in the Condition No.2 (right after this paragraph) and I hope that will fix your problem.

Sometimes it will fix your problem but sometimes don’t, if it does work for you then you can try to enable those add-ons one by one until you find the faulty one.

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